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News: Deerwood Seeking Proposals for New Restaurant Vendor

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The City of North Tonawanda is seeking experienced parties interested in operating the restaurant at Deerwood Golf Course.  This December 2021, the concessionaire agreement between the City and Fairways Restaurant will cease, creating an opportunity for a new concessionaire to take over operation. 

"We look forward to a new chapter in the operation of the restaurant and wish Ed & Lori May nothing but the best as they refocus their time and attention back to the Hideway Grille", said Alex Domaradzki, Director of the Parks & Recreation Department, which oversees operations of Deerwood Golf Course. 

Deerwood Golf Course brings on average 56,000 rounds of golf passed the front doors of the restaurant each season, making this opportunity an attractable one for any restaurant ownership group.  The restaurant is approximately 4,200 square feet of layout including a bar, banquet area, full-service kitchen, snack hut, office and storage areas.  The opportunity is not a lease but rather a concessionaire agreement, in which the City owns and provides the space with an annual license fee charged to the concessionaire for providing quality food and drink services tailored to meet the needs of the golfing community.  "We are looking for a group that has the best interest of the golfers in mind", Domaradzki added.  "A full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, along with quick service options (hot dogs, burgers, etc) for golfers on the go between the 9's, and a fully operational bar are things that we value and expect out of the next concessionaire".       

Details regarding the Concessionaire Agreement and how to apply can be found at the link below.  The due date for proposals is November 15, 2021, and a walk through of the site along with opportunities for Q&A is scheduled October 27 at 2:00pm at the restaurant located at 1818 Sweeney Street.  

For more information contact Alex Domaradzki at 

Deerwood Concessionaire Request for Proposal