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News: Ice Skating for Fun and Health

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1/14/2021 12:00:00 AM  Pamela A Hogan 

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Ice Skating Benefits

Although it has been a mild winter, the snow, cold and ice will not continue to hide
forever.  It will return and so it will give you an opportunity to take advantage of our department's outdoor ice rinks.  The ice rinks are located behind the Galassi's ball field. (weather permitting).
Ice skating relieves stress and its a great physical activity ses just about every muscle in your body.  
    When I was a child we did not have any outdoor rinks, we skated from the end of Moll St. to Meadow Dr.  on little frozen gullies, ditches and puddles through the woods.  Those woods are now a residential development.  But we had fun as children making are way through the woods on our own ice paths!  Now as a grandmother I look forward to take my little Elena ice skating this winter!  Santa brought her new ice skates and she can't wait to use them.  

     Want to learn more about the benefits of ice skating?  Please read the article below.