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News: Benefits of Tai Chi

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12/29/2020 12:00:00 AM  Pamela A Hogan 

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Beginner Tai Chi At Any Age

    Due to the completeness of Tai Chi, the benefits are man and varied.  However, the health and physical condition of every individual is unique, and the benefits each individual experiences will be dependent on this.  The quality and quantity of Tai Chi practice will also play a part.  Commonly, people who practice Tai Chic regulary may experience improvement in various conditions including stress relief, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart health, chronic pain, insomnia and digestive problems.  It is also common for practitioners to experience improvement in general health, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility, self awareness and concentration.

     Tai Chi Physical Benefits in the Western Context:
1. Corrects body posture; aligns the spine 

2.  releases tension and pressure caused by bad posture
3.  reduces stress on back
4.  improves digestion
      Whole-body movements are divers and varied, involving gentle weight bearing and use of all joint.  Regular practice:

1.  increases joint mobility, aiding arthritis, chronic pain and similar conditions
2.  maintains and increases muscles and ligament strength

3.  improves coordination
4.  increases and maintains bone density
5. massages internal organs by increasing the flow of bodily fluids and circulation, improving functions

Do you want to give Tai Chi a try?  Just click the link below for a beginner's video