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News: New Christmas Traditions During The Pandemic

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12/10/2020 12:00:00 AM  Pam Hogan 

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Christmas During A Pandemic

     This Christmas will be so different than the ones before.  We are so use to gathering with our families, hugging and kissing, exchanging gifts, making cookies with the grandchildren, posing for pictures and traveling from house to house and most of this must come to a halt or at least a pause.

     But, that doesn't mean, Christmas can not occur, it just means it has to change and happen differently.  You still can go out and get a tree, but maybe this time, instead of buying one at a store and standing in a line, you go out and cut one down.  Enjoy some fresh air, more social distancing and make a new tradition.  

    Instead of going to your local senior center and making some crafts, you can call your local senior center and have them drop them off and you can make them at home.   Take your morning coffee, and go for a walk on Christmas morning and enjoy the early snow fall.  Take a deep breathe and say a prayer, this too will pass count your blessings... please read the article below and relax and enjoy your holidays!