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News: Gardening Soars During the Pandemic

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9/22/2020 12:00:00 AM  Pam Hogan 

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Gardening For Everyone

In the midst of a global pandemic the hobby of gardening is soaring.  Whether you are an old green thumb farmer at heart or a first timer this year, more than ever everyone seems to be spending more time gardening.  Small gardens, large gardens, community gardens or victory gardens.... just spending time with mother nature helps to ground us all, and calm the nerves during this difficult time.
     This year we enjoyed, as I mentioned in my previous article introducing our granddaughter Elena to gardening.  She especially enjoys eating and picking the grape tomatoes in her own "Fairy Garden".  But the true enjoyment was watching her dig up her "mashed potatoes" this past weekend... what a treasure hunt!! 

     For next year's garden Elena has decided to grow, tomatoes and pumpkins.  I hope you have enjoyed learning something extra too this summer!  even though it was a difficult summer... I hope you found the silver lining.