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News: American Red Cross - Swim Lessons- Level 2

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7/19/2020 12:00:00 AM  Pam Hogan 

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Swim Lessons- Level 2

     The American Red Cross offers six comprehensive course levels that teach you, your child or other family members how to swim skilfully and safely. We at the NT Recreation Department teach 5 of 6 levels each summer.  The prerequisite for each level is the successful demonstration of the skills from the preceding level, except for Level 1, which has no prerequisite.  Each level of Learn to Swim includes training in the basic water safety and helping a swimmer in distress, in addition to the skills outlined below.

     Level - 2- Fundamental Aquatic Skills:

Purpose:  Gives students success with fundamental skills.  Learn- to-Swim Level 2 participants learn to: 

       1 .Exist water using the ladder            5. Tread Water           
       2  Float on Front & Back                      6.   Explore Swimming on side
       3. Roll over from Front to Back            7.  Open eyes underwater
       4. Move in water with life jacket          8. Glide on front and back
                                                                   9. Perform rhythmic breathing

Check list:

* Enter water by stepping or jumping from the side
* Exit water safely using ladder or side
* Submerge entire head, 5 seconds
*Bob, 5 times
*Open eyes underwater, pick up a submerged object, 3 times in shallow water

*Front float for 5 seconds
* Recover from front float to a standing position
*Front glide, 2 body lengths
*Back float 5 seconds
*Back glide 2 body lengths

*Change direction of travel paddling on front or back
*Roll over from front to back
*Roll over from back to front
*Tread water using arm and leg motion
*Combined arm and leg actions on front, 15 feet
*Finning arm action on back 10 feet
*Sculling arm action on back 10 feet

*review how to use life jacket
*review water safety rules
*review how to get help

Remember each child will learn at different rates.  The most important point is to reduce fear of the water and encourage confidence and self awareness.
Very often it will take a whole summer for a child to complete one level.

Have a same summer!