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News: Gardening Is Beneficial

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6/25/2020 12:00:00 AM  Pam Hogan 

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Gardening is Beneficial

   It is well known, gardening is good exercise, improves the mood and relieves stress.  But it also is used in senior living homes for Alzheimer's patients as therapy since it encourage calmness, use of senses and reduces wondering off unsupervised.

      For children gardening of course can be used as a teaching tool to learn about the environment, plants, the chemistry of soil and the nutrition of vegetables.  It also it good to give children some responsibilities and to allow them to see the prizes of their work.  Just ask my granddaughter Elena; she recently planted a potato in our garden and every time she comes over, she waters the potato which is now a plant and asks "how is my mashed potatoes growing?"!  Even at 2 she knows, if she plants a single potato in the ground, she is getting a plate of "mashed potatoes" when it's done growing!

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