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News: Hey North Tonawanda, Take a Hike!

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6/11/2020 12:00:00 AM  Michelle Bernas 

Explore your own 'backyard".

More people are figuring out that getting out and taking a walk is a great way to leave the doldrums of your home, get some fresh air, and explore the world around you. But walking the same route day after day, week after week can get boring. This can lead to less motivation to get out there for some exercise.

Well, there's no reason to settle for the monotony of your neighborhood when there are so many choices for walks or hikes within minutes of your front door.

Check out our NT Youth Center website for some personalized reviews by me, Michelle, of some local walking and hiking trails. Most trails I have covered so far are within a reasonable driving distance from North Tonawanda and can be made into a lovely family outing with some of the local food and ice cream joints I've suggested. 

These reviews will let you know if the trails are suitable for certain ages, hours of operation, whether or not dogs are allowed, are there bathroom facilities and will give you an idea of what to expect once you arrive for your adventure. It's our hope the reviews will take the guesswork out of trying to figure out, "What should we do today?"

If you're looking for something beyond what has been covered in the reviews on our page, then you will want to check this website:
This website is a great resource if you are traveling anywhere and are looking for a fun place to walk/hike for the day. Just put in the name of the city/town you are traveling to and a list of destinations nearby will pop up. Use the map to look around for the park or trail that suits your needs.

My suggestion is to get out and explore all the great parks and trails WNY has to offer. There are enough of them to keep the kid's interests peaked for the summer. Pack a lunch, bring your bikes, Frisbee, a book, or however you choose to wile away the day. 

Enjoy the adventure, North Tonawanda. And, take a hike!!