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News: Municipal Park Amenities Closed Indefinitely

Date Published Author
3/21/2020 12:00:00 AM   

Last updated 4/6/20

*Updates in red as of 4/6/20

On Saturday March 21, 2020 City leadership ordered that all park amenities be closed to the public indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Confirmed cases in NT as of Saturday morning led to the swift decision in attempt to prevent further spread. 

All park playgrounds, tennis courts, pavilions, athletic fields, disc golf courses, kayak launches, Gateway Boat docks, Gratwick Marina are now considered off limits for public use.  This will be enforced by police, as the City attempts to limit spread through contact with surfaces and close encounters with multiple users associated with these areas.  At this time, walking and bike paths are still open to use, but public is encouraged to follow safe guidelines as suggested by the National Recreation and Park Association.  Due to the high contamination and risk of spread, all permanent facilities have been closed and portable toilets have been removed from park locations until further notice.

"Physical activity is key to emotional and physiological health, and the governor understands that, which is why he is so resistant to a state-wide mandate to stay in your homes on lock-down", says Alex Domaradzki, Director of the NT Parks & Recreation.  "That being said, we need to be careful how we are getting in that activity.  At this time, walking and biking are ok if we are practicing safe social distancing; however sharing of common space and repetitive touching of things like playground slides, and swing sets are a pretty big hazard and need to be curtailed".

Click here for a link to all programs and events that have been canceled, postponed, etc.