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News: COVID-19 Parks & Recreation Impact Updates

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Last updated 5/27/20

5/27/20   Status updates for programs, events & more
5/8/20     Status updates for programs events & more
4/22/20   Status updates for programs, events and more
4/21/20   Deerwood Golf Course to open with restrictions on May 1, 2020
4/20/20   Boat Launches now open to public (kayak launches still closed)
4/6/20     Status updates for programs, events and more.

3/23/20   Easter EGGstravangza and other programs canceled.
3/21/20   Park playgrounds, courts, disc golf courses, athletic fields have been closed

3/20/20   Department Update to the Public


It has been a long and tumultuous journey spanning almost 11 weeks with restrictions put in place on Americans for the safety and well-being of our nation at the heart of it all.  With restrictions in place, we have to adapt, revisit and re-invent the way we normally do things in attempt to continue to bring you some semblance of recreational opportunities now and moving forward in the coming months. 

We continue to take things week by week here at our department, and are doing our best to work with local officials to make the best decisions possible while abiding by the guidelines set forth by state and county.  We also continue to lean heavily on our relationships in collaboration with other parks and recreation professionals both locally (Niagara Frontier Recreation & Parks Society, New York State Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation) and state wide (National Recreation and Park Association) as we determine the best practices for operating our programs and facilities during these confusing times.

Will the pool be open this summer?  When will Gateway Harbor be open for use? Will you still be offering sports programs?  Will we be able to still have our party at your park shelter? I know you want answers to these questions and we want to give them to you; however there is no timetable for the COVID-19, only projections (that of which have been inconsistent at best).  Right now, all we know is that "recreation" is listed as part of the 4th phase of the 4-phase plan of re-opening New York State.  What that means remains to be seen.  Timetables will be based on a number of factors that are out of our control and put many of our programs and facilities into a "wait and see" mode.   

We will continue to wait for the necessary information needed in order to make the most informed and best decisions moving forward on programs and facilities.  As things change, and determinations are made, we will continue to inform you through our "Program Status List" which is regularly updated.

As recreation professionals it is our passion and desire to see our parks and facilities booming with activity, from concerts and events, to sports leagues and picnics.  That being said, the truth of the matter is, things will look different this summer.  The thought of cancellation of pavilion rentals and sports leagues, closing of playgrounds and public amenities leave our parks and our hearts empty.  

Know that our team is working hard behind the scenes to put plans in place to re-invent the way we do things, so that you can still find recreational enjoyment.  It perhaps may just look different than you or we are used to.  From condensed league schedules, to "drive in" concerts and virtual sports clinics and exercise classes; know that we will not stop working to bring you opportunities to get moving and smiling because if there's one thing we know, it's that recreation is healthy for the mind, body and soul!  

We ask that you remain patient, cooperative, and resilient during these difficult times. But above all else, don't lose hope; for hope is the fuel that drives us to the finish line. Be safe, be well and God bless.       

Alex Domaradzki
695-8520 x5500