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News: Ice Rink Opens for Season

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Skate on NT!

Current Ice Rink Status:  OPEN (2/14/20)

It's been a unusually mild winter, but the temps finally have finally been consistent enough to get the ice rink opened up for public skating at Christiana Street. The rink has more than doubled in size to accommodate both free skate and pick up hockey games.  It's vital that all skaters understand the importance of abiding by the signage at the rink. 

  • If the rink is closed, understand it's closed for a reason.  Please refrain from jumping the fence to skate during periods when the rink is closed.  Skating on the rink if the ice is not set can cause cracks or breaks in the ice that may hinder us from opening the rink to the public and prolong the waiting period for everyone.  In addition, breaking through the ice can also cause tears in the liner, which would all but ruin every one's ability to skate as the water slowly leaks out of the rink.    
  • Clean up your mess! Garbage cans are available for disposal of any water bottles or trash.
  • Don't leave your hockey nets on the rink overnight; either take them home or place on the edge off the ice. 
  • Respect the neighbors.  Refrain from using neighbors driveways as a turn around point.  Keep your voices at a respectable level.  No skating after 11pm.  
  • Be safe, dress weather appropriate and enjoy!